Pictionary Tournament

Match Schedule

List of matches with invitation links to rooms.
A room not enterable until scheduled start of the match.
Preliminary 1-11622473200
Preliminary 1-21622484000
Preliminary 2-11622559600
Preliminary 2-21622570400
Preliminary 3-11622646000
Preliminary 3-21622656800
Preliminary 3-31622678400
Preliminary 4-11622732400
Preliminary 4-21622743200
Preliminary 4-31622764800
Preliminary 5-11622818800
Preliminary 5-21622829600
Preliminary 5-31622851200
Preliminary 6-11622905200
Preliminary 6-21622907000
Preliminary 6-31622916000
Preliminary 6-41622917800
Preliminary 6-51622937600
Pre-qualification 11623425400
Pre-qualification 21623436200
Pre-qualification 31623457800
Qualification Match1624813200
Grand Match1625794200
We gladly announce the Pictionary Tournament for everyone!
In the tournament we will run series of the preliminary and pre-qualification matches, then decisive Qualification Match, and then magnificent Grand Match.
The winners of the Qualification Match will be enrolled in the team Adroit Artists, they will square off with XP-PEN team in the Grand Match to be generously awarded the Pictionary Champion!

All winners will get an honorable role in Discord and in-game VIP badge.
Also players of the Qualification Match and the Grand Match will be awarded a Special Prizes from XP-PEN:

Grand Match (total 6 participants in the match):
12 Deco Fun Pen Tablets for Pictionary Champion
6 Deco Fun Pen Tablets for each of 2 teammates of champion's team
4 Deco Fun Pen Tablets for each of 3 remaining participants

Qualification Match (total 9 participants in the match):
1 Deco Fun Pen Tablet for each of 6 participants

XP-PEN is one of the top drawing tablet brands in the market, with more than 15 years of history.
XP-PEN team wish to provide all passionate and engaging individuals, young and new, an opportunity to create and draw what they love.
No matter you are a professional designer, illustrator, or digital art hobbyist, you can always find a product that suits you well.
Official website: xp-pen.com


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Tournament Details

The tournament comprises 18 preliminary matches, 3 pre-qualification matches, 1 Qualification Match, and the Grand Match.

Matches will be run in private rooms for 10 players, in Guess Word mode, with English guessing words, 1 match per room.
A player with the most score points will be considered the winner of a match. If there are players with an equal score value, the first will be the one who was guessing faster (by Avg Guess Time value).
Results of matches and winner names will be posted on the results page and on Discord.

The preliminary matches will be held every day during the week and will be open to everyone.
Anybody can participate in the preliminary matches as many times as they want, but until first win.
Winners of preliminaries will play the pre-qualification matches.
The top 3 players of each pre-qualification will proceed to the 9-player qualifier.
And then the top 3 players of the qualifier will be invited to the Grand Match.
Participants and the date of the Grand Match will be announced later.

In parallel with our matches, XP-PEN will held its own matches separately. Except for the Grand Match, it will be run as one shared match, together with XP-PEN's players.

How to join the preliminary match
Links to rooms where preliminary matches will run are listed on the schedule page, please note - the rooms not enterable until scheduled start of the match.
Additionaly a several minutes before the start of the match an announcement with a link to private room will be posted across game chats (only for English language rooms) and on Discord.
Those wishing to participate should quickly open the link, to enter the room before it is full.

Important Notices
* For smoother gaming experience, it is recommended to use Google Chrome with a stable internet connection, without heavy downloads in the background.
* Players who happen to unexpectedly disconnect will be able to join back a quitted room (using the same link). But by pressing the Quit / Home button or by refreshing / closing the game page they will not be able to rejoin the room.
* One connection per person per room - multiple simultaneous connections are not allowed.
* Only one account should be used at a time. Using multiple accounts simultaneously in the same room will lead to all accounts of a person being banned.
* It is forbidden to write a guessing word on canvas.
* Profanity words and 18+ content is strictly prohibited.
* A non-playing person will be present in the matches - referee. They have the moderator rights and will be able to affect/abort a match. The referee can be recognized by the flag badge in the player's menu.
* Any unauthorized person, or any person acting inappropriately during a match will be removed from room.
* After a match the winner should not leave room immediately - a referee will contact him on room's chat to provide details about next match. For Qualifier and Grand Match participants only: a referee will also ask for an email address, it is needed to further clarify delivery details of the prizes.

For the Grand Match participants only: XP-PEN will stream the Grand Match on YouTube. It is highly encouraged to participate the live stream (while streaming please make sure your hands and screen are visible on a camera).

Please note: XP-PEN isn’t able to deliver the tablet prizes to these locations: South America, Africa, Middle East, and India.

About awards:
* The same person cannot receive a prize more than once, or a prize of a higher level than it was won the first time.
* The tablets are available in several colors. You can choose any of these colors.

Who can participate
Anyone who has in-game account.

How to play in Guess Word rooms:
Draw the word when it is your turn. Do not write out the word on canvas.
Guess the word when others draw!
First player who guesses the word gets 3 points.
2 points are awarded to the drawing player.
And other players who guess the word within the turn's remaining 10 seconds get 1 point.
The player with the most points wins a match!

If you have any questions in advance, please ask @administrator in Discord: https://discord.gg/q3PmTVGsMC